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Looking for cute art? ninjagrl has an extensive catalog of standard designs!

ninjagrl opened her etsy shop in 2008 to make her original paintings and prints of girls, boys, and animals more readily available to the world. She later opened a shop on her own ninjagrl website, too.

In 2017, she decided to bring her artistic style to a few local craft fairs in the midwest. By popular demand, she opened an online store exclusively focused on her crafty designs. Now you can buy her crafty arts in her unique ninja style online as well!

Photo of hand-painted ornaments and magnets

Magnets and Ornaments

We have a wide variety of standard designs in our catalog! All items are drawn and painted by hand. Each is unique, a one-of-a-kind work of art. Ink and acrylic on wood.

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Photo of a ninjagrl painting with Turtle

The artist known as ninjagrl

Working with paints, markers, canvas, found items, and pretty much any material she can get her hands on, ninjagrl shares the world she explores with her friend turtle. Learn more about ninjagrl and see her fine art at


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